Introducing Esselli by Allie Esselli(@denimdistractions)


Esselli was cultivated by fashion influencer and style expert Allie Esselli, of Denim Distractions.

Being in the diverse and timelessly trendy New York City, she was constantly stumbling upon fashion inspo.  Whether it was from people on the streets, or the fashion week shows she’s attended; she absorbed as much as she could in preparation for this moment.  She decided that she too wanted to share her take on style for those who craved creativity and insisted on inspiration by creating a curated collection of pieces that could be attainable to the fashion-hungry style lover.

Always adding her own personal touch to the trends that speak to her, she makes sure to stay genuine to those around her, her community of followers, and most importantly, herself.  This is how she is able to stay true to the girl who first created her style diary, as well as to those who like her, are always looking for inspiration.



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